UTM bagged 4 awards in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014

posted Apr 12, 2014, 8:57 PM by cf yeong   [ updated Apr 12, 2014, 9:15 PM ]


Kuala Lumpurt, 12 April 2014: Three teams from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) won two 1st Prize, 1st Runner and TM Innovation Award at Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 Malaysia National Final at Telekom Malaysia Convention Centre. 

The three days event participated by short listed 15 teams from various universities. There are three categories namely Games, World Citizenship and Innovation. UTM sent three teams: Mini HeartCatcher and 360 Sensing Car System for the Innovation Category while Durian Runtuh is for game category. 

Mini HeartCatcher is a system where user can transmit ECG data wireless to Windows smart phone for recording and analysis. Durian Runtuh is a game using kinect developed for stroke patient rehabilitation to make their activities interesting and motivating. Meanwhile, 360 Sensing Car System is a system using smart phone to sense the car surrounding to eliminate all the blind spots while uses the cost effective and least sensors. 




After 3 rounds of pitching, Durian Runtuh won the 1st Prize in Game Category. In Innovation category, Mini HeartCatcher won the 1st Prize while the 1st Runner-Up won by 360 Sensing Car System. Worth to mention both team for Mini HeartCatcher and 360 Sensing Car System are their 4th Year Final Project and the Durian Runtuh are all participated by 1st Year Student. All the students are from Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The team would like to thank to Centre for Student Innovation, UTM for their continuous support in participating innovation competition. The details of the teams are as follow: 

1. Title: Mini HeartCatcher (1st in Innovation Category)
Team Members: 
- Hiew Furong 
- Lim Ai Jia 
Mentor: Dr Eileen Su Lee Ming

2. Title: 360 Sensing Car System  (2nd in Innovation Category)
- Lim Thol Yong 
- Ng Ee Leen 
Mentor: Dr Yeong Che Fai

3. Title: Durian Runtuh!  (1st in Game Category)
Team Members: 
- Yong Bang Xiang 
- Tan Chu Wei
- Yeang Meng Hern
- Yiew Kah Yee
Mentor- Dr Yeong Che Fai


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