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Sharing talk by Patrick Chin Jun Hua

posted Jul 1, 2021, 7:41 PM by cf yeong   [ updated Jul 1, 2021, 8:11 PM ]
It was a great session with Mr Patrick Chin Jun Hua from DF Automation and Robotics Sdn Bhd ( to share on the topic of Developing Industry Autonomous Mobile Robot using ROS (Robot Operating System)

Patrick did his Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical-Mechatronic) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia back in 2012. During his undergraduates, Patrick has shown his strength and strong interest in software development. He was leading the software development for CR2 back then and within a short 1 year, the project has won multiple awards nationally and internationally such as British Invention Show, Innovate Malaysia and so on. He graduated with 1st Class and won Malakoff Academic Excellent Award on his graduation day. He was supervised by Associate Professor Dr Yeong Che Fai for his Final Year Project entitled Compact Rehabilitation Robot (CR2). 

Patrick then joined DF Automation at the very early stage together with Dr Yeong. Patrick is a very important and key founding team for DF. He is one of the core architect for all DF software including NavWiz and DFleet. NavWiz (Navigation Wizard) is a easy to use web based software to program robot run autonomously while DFleet is a fleet management software to manage and coordinate up to 30 robots to run in a same factory. 

In the talk, Patrick shared some of the technical backend on ROS used in DF robots. He also shared 5 tips to become a good programmer. And, yeah, he did a live demonstration as well by remote access to a robot virtually at DF Office while Patrick was a home. Talk about Industry IoT.

Thanks Patrick Chin Jun Hua for the wonderful and inspiring talk and hope Airost members can benefited from this talks. 

Patrick Chin Jun Hua DF Automation ROS
Figure: Flyer showing Mr Patrick Chin Jun Hua talk on Developing Industry Autonomous Mobile Robot using ROS. 

Figure: Mr Patrick demonstrated some live demo connecting remotely to a Robot at DF Office in Johor Bahru 

Figure: The session full with eager and hungry of knowledge from AIROSTIAN from UTM Johor.