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UTM Represented Malaysia in Robocup 2015, Hefei China.

posted Aug 2, 2015, 8:41 AM by cf yeong   [ updated Aug 2, 2015, 8:51 AM ]

Hefei, China, 22 July 2015 – Two electrical engineering students from Universiti Teknologi Malayisa (UTM) represented Malaysia for the very first time in the international RoboCup World Championship held in Hefei, China, an annual robotic competition aiming to promote robotics and artificial intelligence research.

A total of 175 robot teams from 47 different countries took part in this 19th year RoboCup 2015 at Hefei, China. There are several contests running in parallel with different contents such as Soccer, Rescue, @Home, @Work and Logistics League.                                                        

The representing student team, namely Seow Yip Loon (4th Year Electrical -Mechatronic undergraduate) and Nicole Tham Lei May(2nd Year Electrical – Electronic undergraduate) from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia supervised by Dr. Yeong Che Fai from Centre of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIRO), UTM collaborates with Dr Jeffrey Too Chuan Tan from University of Tokyo, Japan and Associate Profesor Feng Duang from Nankai University, China forming the KameRider team participating in @Home Robot league.

This year @Home competition saw 17 teams from Germany, Mexico, Holland, Taiwan, Japan, Chile, Brazil, China and Malaysia. In this competition, the team needs to design and develop a service robot that can perform multi tasks such as navigation, manipulation, speech recognition, person recognition, GPSR, restaurant and robot nurse.

This is UTM first attempt in the competition and the team has performed very well and qualified for the second round. Overall result, KameRider team placed 7th in the league. The championship was won by Homer team from the University of Koblenz, Landau from Germany followed by the WrightEagle team from University of Science and Technology of China placing 2nd and ToBI team from Biefeld University of Germany placing 3rd.

The next RoboCup World Championship will be held at Leipzig, Germany in 2016 and at Nagoya, Japan in 2017.

Figure 1: KameRider's representative from UTM Malaysia. From Left: Dr Yeong Che Fai, Nicole Tham Lei May and Seow Yip Loon.)

Figure 2: KameRider's full team comprises of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Nangkai University, China and University of Tokyo, Japan.

Figure: Other teams testing their robots.

KameRider team in action picking an object.