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2-Day PIC Microcontroller Hands-On


NEW! 2-DAY PIC Microcontroller:Hands-On.

This two-day course aims to equip participants with the fundamental understanding and skills needed to construct and program a microcontroller. During the hands-on session, participants are given opportunities to build and program their own PIC circuits from scratch, sharpen their programming skill in Assembly and C languages while unleashing their creativity in developing variety of programs. Elementary to intermediate projects such as motor control are introduced. Participants are also guided in datasheet interpretation, circuit troubleshooting and components selection.

This course is one of the popular short courses in UTM conducted by an experienced roboticist, Dr Yeong Che Fai. The course has previously been organised since 2003 for lecturers, researchers, postgraduates and undergraduates from various universities, polytechnics and colleges nationwide, and has evolved over the years to provide an effective platform for participants to learn about microcontroller via carefully designed hands-on tasks.

Course Objective
  • To learn about the microcontroller using a hands-on approach 
  • To construct basic circuit and program the microcontroller in Assembly and C language 
  • To provide participants with the knowledge to construct their own embedded system in the future. 
Learning Outcome 
  • Have good understanding of microcontroller, specifically of PIC microcontrollers 
  • Confidently construct and troubleshoot a microcontroller circuit for various applications (embedded system, robots, smart house, industrial project, etc.)

Target Participants 

Educators, researchers, engineers, electronic hobbyist, postgraduates, undergraduates or anyone who want to learn microcontroller the practical and interactive way. 

Course Content 
  • Interactive and hands-on approach in:- 
    • Learning to construct a PIC microcontroller system and program in both assembly and C language 
    • Circuit troubleshooting 
    • 15 tasks including controlling DC, Servo and Stepper motor using PIC. 
    • Basic theoretical introduction to PIC microcontroller 
    • Guide to interpreting and understanding datasheets 
    • Applications of microcontroller 
    • Robot Demonstration 

Course Schedule 

Two day program, 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. 


The course is suitable for all stage of studies (First Year - Final Year, postgraduates and staffs) either as hobbyist, development of embedded systems, robots, Final Year Projects or Research Projects.